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The best gardens are the ones that you design by yourself & build yourself.

Let us guide you in discovering the passion behind gardening, by giving you the resources needed.

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We are a family-run and family-focused resource for all of your gardening and greenhouse needs. Here at VeggieSpa, we know just how difficult it can be to find the balance between fostering fun family activities and finding cost-effective ways to provide for your family’s needs. We believe that the key to finding this balance lies in the act of simplifying our lives. However, with four kids of our own, we know that simplicity can be hard to achieve. When our family first began to grow, food costs and safety quickly became our top concerns. Eventually, we realized that a backyard greenhouse was the solution. In the words of ecologist Howard T. Odum, “Nature has all the answers.” This is our belief, and the premise on which VeggieSpa was founded over a year ago.

Our experience with natural, home-grown produce has made us eager to help others get the information, accessories, and ideas needed to turn a backyard greenhouse or garden into a profitable alternative to commercially grown food, as well as a source of wholesome family enjoyment. Anything you need to bring your backyard to life will be featured on our product pages and blog. Use our resources to turn your backyard into your own produce section! If you are interested in simplifying your life with the addition of a backyard garden or greenhouse, here are a few things for you to consider:

Whether your yard is equipped with a lean to greenhouse or a standard backyard greenhouse, YOU will control the environment. Check out our greenhouse accessories–we will help you find everything you need to extend your garden’s growing season and protect it from plant-destroying pests.

In addition to saving money and controlling your garden’s environment, eating homegrown produce will provide you with a number of health benefits. Studies have shown that children who are served homegrown produce on a daily basis are more likely to eat their needed servings of fruits and veggies each day. That is not to mention the nutritional benefits of eating organic fruits and veggies, which have not been affected by pesticides and herbicides.

For all of you moms out there, another important factor to consider is that the work and attention required for maintaining your backyard greenhouse makes for wholesome family time. Upkeeping a garden requires a lot of outdoor activity. Planting, watering, and harvesting add to the process of keeping your family active and healthy.

The list of benefits goes on, and hopefully you can see just how useful a backyard garden can be. If you are unsure how to get started on the process of adding a greenhouse to your backyard, or if you are looking for the supplies to help you make the transition from a hobby gardener to a  serious gardener , you have come to the right place. Here at VeggieSpa, we believe that the desire for homegrown fresh produce is the beginning of what will become a long-term domestic trend. It is our goal to become your one-stop resource for the supplies, ideas, activities and information you need to help your family become more active and eat more fresh-grown produce together. We strive to provide the best quality built greenhouses and customer service, so contact us and let us help you get set up with your own greenhouse and supplies, as well as ideas for new family activities!

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  • Juliana Compact 9.9 (9 x 12)

    Juliana Compact 9.9 (9 x 12)

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    Juliana Mini 3 Lean-To

    Juliana Mini 3 Lean-To

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    Juliana Compact 6.2 Greenhouse

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    Juliana 2-Tier Growing Rack

    Juliana 2 Tier Growing Rack

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    Juliana Gardener 7200

    Juliana Gardener 7200

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    Juliana Mini-2 Lean-To

    Juliana Mini 2 Lean-To

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